October 25th, 2011

Zemanta Makes Awesome Changes

Zemanta has made some pretty cool changes to their image dashboard.

I’ll let them tell you in their own words.

Images get inserted to blinking cursor position:
Inserting an image with Zemanta was pretty limited before. It got inserted to the top right of the page and it was pretty hard to move it around. The new feature includes “Microsoft-Word-like” functionality: the image now gets inserted wherever you put your cursor first.

More than one image:
As you used to insert images, the latter one always replaced the one inserted before. From now on, every new inserted image gets inserted after the previous one. This feature coupled with images getting inserted to cursor position makes for a powerful image-insertion beast.

(I am not sure if I am going to like that second one. I like to click my main image then drag the others into position.)

Image settings:
Every time you insert an image a new settings box appears over the gallery. Here you can choose how the image is positioned (left, right or centered), you can change the caption or remove it all together. You can even change the size of the image manually. Wow? All the changes can be seen in the editor as you’re working.
When you’re happy with the result, click done and continue being great. If you feel like going back and changing the image, just click on it in the editor and the settings box will appear again. Cool, right?

Attention! Like some other features, these will only work on and all supported versions of But be sure to find them on other platforms soon enough!

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(Now, I do like to be able to change the image caption into something relevant to my post. That’s pretty cool. However, how does that affect copyright, etc.? I say, just be careful and don’t change the copyright. You can see an example of how I made changes to the image caption without removing the commons on

I just became aware that their is a Zemanta plugin for your browser. There wasn’t any information if the changes affect the plugin as well. I don’t use it as I prefer to not have my browser bogged down with plugins. Let me know what’s up if you do use the plugin.

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