March 25th, 2014

Women’s History Month WomenInspire Blog Carnival

As Women’s History Month is coming to a close, I wanted to follow up one last time regarding the invitation we sent you in hopes that you will participate in our#WomenInspire Blog Carnival , a campaign that celebrates the incredible women in your life who have inspired you.

We’ve been receiving wonderful submissions from people all around the world who are using this campaign to honor amazing women in their families and role models in their communities. You cancheck them out here. We hope to be adding your post to the list!

There are 5 Easy Steps to Participate:

  1. Write about an inspirational woman on your blog this March.
  2. Grab our #WomenInspire badge.
  3. Snap a Selfie with your inspirational woman or an image of her (see attached example).
  4. Submit your blog by posting it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #WomenInspire or by sharing your link in the comments section of our campaign page found here:
  5. On March 8, 2014, check out our #WomenInspire Blog Carnival Roundup to read, engage and follow bloggers participating in the campaign. The most inspirational blog posts will be featured on our site starting March 31, 2014.

It’s also not too late to help us promote the women’s day campaign! Copy the following text into your blog post to invite your readers to participate:

“I’m celebrating Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by blogging for the #WomenInspire Campaign sponsored by USC’s masters degree in social work. Join the blog carnival to honor a woman who has inspired you!”

Thanks so much and I hope you’ll join us!

MSW@USC Community Manager

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