January 25th, 2012

Will GiveAways Really Increase Your Followers?

In the New Year, I decided to give myself a small marketing budget to increase the number of followers on each of my blogs.

From dismal numbers probably totaling all together 100 followers, let’s look at my numbers now.

For now, we are going to look at my Facebook Followers although my Google Plus Numbers are increasing as well!

The Giveaway Car now has 867

The Good Buy has 548.

Sass Class has 66.

Amablogger has 30.

Earness has 27.

VoucherList has 23.

Singed Wings has 19.

MoneyTrina has 19.

My Spoiled Self has 15.

What increased my numbers so exponentially on TheGiveAwayCar and


A giveaway that I sponsored myself for a mere $10 Paypal saw my firstĀ  leaps in followers once I started marketing the giveaway on various contest sites.

For another $20, I entered my blogs into giveaways being hosted on other blogs.

As soon as those giveaways launched, another flood of followers came into play.

At first, I was sending them to TheGoodBuy, which is why the numbers on there are so high, and a few went to SassClass.

But then I decided to switch to sending them to TheGiveAwayCar because clearly the people entering the giveaways liked to enter giveaways.

And The Give Away Car is all about giveaways.

And most of the giveaways on The GiveAwayCar will also have options to follow my other blogs for exta entries.

So, I am feeding them back to all of my blogs…more bang for the buck!

Did I lose you? I hope not…makes sense in my head?

If I did, just leave a comment asking me to make it more clear and I will work on that.

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