December 7th, 2011

Two Powerhouse WordPress Plugins to Stop Spam

There are two powerhouse plugins that I have found stop spam dead in its tracks.

AntiSpam Bee and AVH First Defense Against Spam.

SPAM! [don't buy]

Image by داود via Flickr

With these two spam counter attacks, I have little to know spam on my sites.

For a bonus, I do not have to worry about good comments getting lost in the shuffle because I have both of these set up to send me an email to approve, spam, or trash a particular message.

In addition, I use both plugins to send a spam note to Project Honey Pot any time I get some spam.

As far as I can tell (the site can be a bit confusing), Honey Pot is a list of the worlds suspected spammers.

And all of that foreign spam?

Gone because the AntiSpam Bee because I told AntiSpam Bee to block any comments that are not in English.

And it will also track pingbacks and trackbacks.

AVH First Defense also has to option to add bad commentors’ IP  to a BlackList (or you could Whitelist your friends, family, and fans IP).

AVH also has the option for your blog to be check the database with Stop Forum Spam and The Spamhaus Project

With all these checks and double checks, is it any wonder why I no longer have a spam problem on any of my wordpress blogs?

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