November 29th, 2011


I spent yesterday morning looking for a new blogger template and tweaking the one that I found.

What do you think?

What sold me on this blog template are those adorable moving clouds!

(Click here to view them.)

It is close but not quite what I envision when I think about TheGiveAwayCar blog.

Once the money rolls in a bit, I will probably invest in having a custom template done.

Of course, it came with its own problems.

Such as the posts, pages, and header doubling up.

And I had to edit my template to link the pages in the header.

Thank God that my experiences with WordPress have given me at least enough skills to do that.

One thing that I definitely wanted to get rid of was the Powered By Blogger attribute at the bottom.

I don’t have anything against blogger, per se, but many advertisers say strictly No Blogger even if you own the domain itself.

I don’t understand it but there you have it.

Instead, I just changed the wording to read “Login” so that I can go straight to my blogger dashboard if I happen to be looking at the blog.

I still need to tweak the sidebars so that my Facebook and Twitter buttons are not being cut off at the end but I think I’ll wait until I hear back from the template designer before I hassle with that problem.

Any other blogger blogs amongst my readership?

Maybe I should do  a linky so I know who to bother with my woes! Lol.

3 comments to Tweaking

  • Heh, that’s a fun choice! The wavy bush and the grass make it cute, and green and brown make a great combination! I’m not so good at tweaking templates myself, and I would love to learn it someday (somehow, the codes are just too confusing to read!).

    • Yeah, I have been half terrified to mess with it. I may just screw it up. Lol. I’m glad that you like although I am not fond of the cursor changing to that tree thing. And I may take away some of the brown to make it distinctive from others using the same template.

  • I don’t use Blogger. I use WordPress. It comes with Hostgator and I can automatically load it to my sites. For me it is just simple and easy. You would have the same problem if you went with the free WordPress version. It puts powered by WordPress.

    In either case, I understand shopping for themes. Personally, I find that paying a few dollars and I mean less than $50 but generally closer to $20 is best for me. I use a guy called Scott aka ClickBump. You can do a simple ClickBump search and find him. I have found his themes work great and are flexible. Plus, when you have a problem he is quick to respond. (Less than 24 hours)

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