June 24th, 2011

The rules of giving away an Apple

In reading my webhost newsletter, I learned of a story that Apple is trying to regulate the iPod and iPad giveaways found on CNN Money.

If you do run a giveaway featuring the iPad, you will most likely run afoul of Apple’s Guidelines For Third Party Promotion, a heretofor unenforced policy.

Following are the five rules that you are suppose to be cognizant of when you take possession of your iPad:

  • iPad, iPhone and the iPhone Gift Card may not be used in third-party promotions.
  • iPod touch is only allowed to be used in special circumstances and requires a minimum purchase of 250 units.
  • You may NOT use the Myriad Set font on or in connection with web sites, products, packaging, manuals, or promotional/advertising materials.
  • The use of “free” as a modifier in any Apple product reference in a prominent manner (headlines, call- outs, etc.) is prohibited.
  • You must submit all marketing materials related to the promotion of Apple products to Apple for review.

These rules have yet to be enforced and my webhost, Dreamhost, has decided to thumb their noses at what they consider illegal rules by offering a…you guessed…iPad giveaway!

When I give milk away I don’t need to talk to my grocer, a farmer, or a cow. I just do it. That’s living, brother.

To celebrate the lunacy of unenforceable legal documents from one of America’s best-loved companies, we’re giving away not one but TWO iPads this month. And we did not ask anyone’s permission.  Let’s see what happens.

Current customers of Dreamhost simply need to take a customer service satisfaction survey (very quick, I promise) and elect to be entered into the drawing.

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