April 30th, 2010

The importance of a sitemap

One of the most neglected aspects, but easily rectified, of SEO is the importance of a site map.

Site maps, bascially, are just maps of your site.

See mine here.

Site maps are great for your readers to easily navigate your site.

But did you know that having a site map could (maybe?? darn that google) improve your SEO.

Site maps are the threads that guides those lil’ spiders on just where to go.

However, you need to be aware that although many search engines such as Yahoo still accept an html sitemap, Google specifically uses a xml.

In fact, some sites have adapted to having two separate site maps; one for humans and another for search engines. And, fortunately, Google doesn’t penalized this as having duplicate content.

A much more detailed explanation on the importance of using site maps can be found on

Click here for the plugin designed by Dagan Designs for the site map used on KatrinaBlogs.

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