August 25th, 2013

Setting goals for the week

Things have been going pretty good in my latest push to be a professional blogger.

One thing that I have found is that I much prefer having an “authority” site because of the set it and forget philosophy.

Which means that I can make the site.

Promote the site.

And earn from the site with passive income.

With just 4 authority sites, I should be able to easily earn my $4K/month goal by my birthday in July.

And I have already done some keyword research for my second one.

Woot! Woot!

I have already send a vast increase in my traffic and Adsense earnings.

I have been inspired by a blog post at the Warrior Forum to list my goals for the week.

Things I can control

  • Add at least 1 listing to the directory of my authority blog
  • Fix the Tenant section of my authority blog
  • Change my Facebook/Twitter settings to feed into each other
  • Delete Facebook pages of blogs I no longer own
  • Put Privacy Pages, TOU, etc. on each blog
  • Fix the header of my blogs
  • Read Forbes Best Blog lists and follow interesting blogs

Things out of my control

These goals are out of my control but still achievable.

  • Earn $1 per day on Adsense
  • 100 visitors per day on authority blog
  • Earn $0.01 per day on Project Wonderful

I am deliberately setting my goals low and I know that I can easily achieve and surpass them.

That’s just to give me a reason to celebrate.

Heck, you should have seen me doing my $0.01 click dance when I get my first adsense click of the day.

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Or, better yet, you should see the look on my kids face when they see me doing my First Click of the Day dance.

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5 comments to Setting goals for the week

  • Yeah setting goals is very important for all the bloggers to make it happen, we need a good action plan with better time management,


    • Setting goals allows me to have a visual of what I want to complete each week. Putting them public puts a small amount of pressure to complete them or explain why I didn’t. Very good technique for a coach potato like me.

  • My two goals for the week are to finish the custom computer build and get some sleep.

  • I did a happy dance too when I got my first adsense click of the day! I only get a little more than $1.00 per month!

    • I took a little look at your blog and it seems to be a personal blog. Adsense is hard to monetize on a personal blog unless your traffic is in the hundreds of thousands per day. I make zero dollars a month from my personal blog on adsense. I am thinking of removing it but first I want to see the results of increased traffic.

      I would recommend doing the occasional product review (ie, Amazon Associate program) on your personal blog. Maybe recommend a product every 5th or more post. Amazon has practically everything so look around your house and find a product that you absolutely love and write a stunning review of it. You will still need traffic but the beauty of the Amazon Associate program is that they don’t have to buy what you wrote about, they only need to click your link and you will make money on everything they buy on Amazon. HTH.

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