December 20th, 2011

Review: The $7.95 Marketing Plan

Stop! Don’t buy a domain name until you read this book first.

Ok, so that was a little melodramatic…lol…but this is a good, quick eBook on how to jump start your thinking on the perfect domain name for yourself, your business, or the business of a client.

The $7.95 Marketing Plan by Jim F. Kukral is a vehicle that will teach you how to build your brand for less than the cost of a pizza.

After all, besides having an already known brand name such as or, there are ways to make even the domain of your website memorable.

So… What’s In The $7.95 Marketing Plan?

Well, not an actual marketing plan for one.

Instead, the author discusses the value of a good domain name, how to come up with a memorable name, gives examples of domain names that you can’t forget as well as just plain fun domain names, and domain names that make money.

And this blog itself is a good example of the amount of thought that I put into a domain name before clicking the Buy Button.

Want to hear my thought process?


“You are sooo the opposite of a problogger…so what should you name your blog.”

“Hm. is already taken. Darn it!”

“Ama is three letters. Pro is three letters. I may have something here.”

“Oooh. AmaBlogger could mean AmateurBlogger and I Am a Blogger. Score.”

Click. Buy. Done!

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