June 6th, 2014

Read this week

BWR 026: Jeni Larson: How To Be a 7 Figure Blogger

Awesome podcast of how Jeni Larson left a successful corporate job to become a wildly successful self-employed blogger. Very inspiring.

My initial goals for starting a blog was that I don’t want a boss, employee, client, or customer.

Since listening to the podcast, I am setting some more goals.

Short term goals:

* income of $100 month

(That is less than $4/day.)

My mid term goal:

* income of $40,000/year

My long term goals:

* $1 million in a savings account

$1 million in an investment account

Personal goals:

* Only work, at most, 4 hours/day

* Put my kids through college with no student loan debt at graduation

* Provide retirement home for my parents

* Ability to give my friends money when hard times knock them down

* A house in every state in America

* Write a check with a whole lot of zeros to the charities that touch my heart

To accomplish these things, I basically need to keep doing the basics which are blogging frequently and reliably as well as keeping up the social aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and leaving comments on other blogs.

These actions have already seen a uptake in my blog numbers and my blog income.

Well, with the exception of SingedWings, which I have been completely slacking on…

Blogging & Procrastination – How To Stop Procrastinating & Start Your Blog Or Take Your Blog To The Next Level 

Good read that will help you procrastinate on what you are suppose to be doing instead of reading this article. Procrastinators for the win! Lol.

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How To Raise Your Alexa Ranking (in a cool way)

I implemented the code. I’ll be doing a report soon on results.

[SEO] First Page Google Rankings – Fact Or Fiction???

In a word: Video. AKA, Youtube.

He does mention a net site,, that instantly share your video with 27 other video search engines. I’ll have to look into that and get back to you…if I ever get the courage to make another video.

How an 8-Figure Hosting Company Competes on Quality and Succeeds with Jason Cohen from WPEngine

Great words of wisdom on how to run a business.

From $34,000 in Debt to Traveling the World with Tal Gur [TDI087]

Another inspiring story of one who used blogging to pull himself out of debt and into financial freedom. Also mentions a neat little time organization tool to battle that pesky procrastination problem found here.

Using Niche Sites to Build a Passive Income with Jeff Fruhwirth [TDI088]

Niche sites are my new love. Much easier to earn with adsense than a personal blog.

Podcast 31: When to Stop Building and Start Scaling with Perrin as Co-host

Interesting podcast on when you should stop building new sites and just focus on the ones that you already have. I’ve been through this myself…in fact, going through it now with ideas for other niche sites…

What Is This “Right To Be Forgotten” Thing All About?

In England and other European countries, individuals and businesses are given the right to request that search engines to cost websites ranking if the link violates their privacy. Wonder how this is going to effect gossip blogs…

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How to Retain at Least 95% of Your Organic Traffic After a Site Redesign

Most of these are common sense but make a good read if you are considering redesigning your website.

How to Add Staff Member Profile Pages in WordPress

I don’t have any other staff but myself but maybe one day…

If You Still Think You Can Ignore Video, This Post is NOT For You

I’m still doing my level best to ignore doing videos. Lol.

Social Media Not Converting? This Is What Does.

Maybe I missed the point as I didn’t actually see “what” converts. But the post did comfirm my belief that social media should be a funnel back to my blog rather than used a direct selling tool.

Instagram Tutorial – Getting Started With the Most Engaged Network of Our Time

Enhanced by ZemantaHm. Apparantly Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks. ~sigh~ It is still on my to-do list.

Google Admits Ranking Will Get Easier for Small Businesses But Here’s a Warning

After the last Google update, big businesses ruled the web. Supposedly with the most current update, it has now become a more even playing field. We’ll see….

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