May 2nd, 2014

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Product Review Sites ~ How to create very profitable review sites!

Apparently there are two types of review sites: brand review (ex. phillips razors) and industry review (ex. all things shaving). He recommends quite a few places to get products or one could simply stick with Amazon, which sells just about everything. Of course, it is always best to be the first to review the brand new product (ie, when a new cell phone drops, I read reviews up until the day I get one in my hands. lol.) Apparently, you don’t even have to have used every product that you review and he gives some tips on how to get content. One excellent suggestion is to review products that have a monthly subscription charge as you get paid every month that they renew.

Why Your Blog Needs a Shot of Vulnerability From Time to Time

I am actually the Queen of this as I show my life, warts and all….

If Google+ Is The Walking Dead, Should Your Brand Run?

Apparently some muckity muck and his head henchmen are absonding away from Google+ and has set the world on fire with panic on the future of the social network.

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic Using Just Pinterest

Excellent tips that I really should be using. Actually, any use of Pinterest on my part would probably be an improvement. Heck, being able to mentally and verbally pronounce the word correctly would be an improvement.

FYI: I noticed that is for sale on Flippa. Current bid is $2000. If only I had an extra two grand lying around…

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Anywho, on to the tips!

  1. Create a board on Pinterest to be used exclusively for your blog posts. Use the same title for your blog board on Pinterest as the title of your blog. Use keywords in the title of your Pinterest board. When you pin a blog post to your board, you should always be sure to include the following components: a quote or concise summary of the article, an image to represent your blog post and a link that will take viewers directly to your blog.

  2. Have boards with material relevant to your niche or industry. Pin a variety of content, including things such as products, tips and lifestyle related images.

  3. Interact With Your Followers. Look at the boards of your followers to get an idea of what they’re interested in, and create content and pins based on those interests. Pose questions on Pinterest that you give answers to in your blog. Like the pins your followers feature and make comments on them.  Pin frequently so that your content will show up in the feeds of your followers often. While you should pin original, unique material as often as possible, it’s also a good idea to repin material from leaders in your industry that you think might be helpful or interesting to your followers.

  4. Allow for Accessibility. Verify the searchability of your pins.  Check the settings of your account: in order for people to find you, your privacy settings must be set so that search engines have access to your material.

  5. Design a Board Promoting a Contest. Feature the contest directly on the website for your blog, and pin it on your Pinterest board to get the word out with a link that takes people right to your blog.




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