September 22nd, 2011 jumps on Affiliate Bandwagon

I logged into ProjectWonderful and was greated with the wonderful news that I can now ad an affiliate link to any of my raves about

Project Wonderful is now four years old, and in that time we’ve had tons of growth, with so many amazing advertisers and publishers joining the network. We figured it was time to give a little back! We thought, “how could we make this Project more wonderful?” Then we thought, “what if you got paid even when other people advertised?” Then we thought, “That sounds AWESOME.”

It’s about time! Lol.

And very timely, too, as I was seriously considering doing a series of posts on how to effectively  use ProjectWonderful to make money online with your blog .(In fact, to date, I have actually earned more with Project Wonderful than I have using Google Adsense Ads on my websites.)

It will also cover how to use Project Wonderful as a cost efficient way to market and advertise your blog.

So, how much do you earn?

We keep track of everyone you refer, and whenever they spend money you get 3% of what credited to your account, as our way of saying thanks!

And they even answered my question on whether or not a click on an “Advertise Here” link would also qualify for an referral fee.

Publishers: we’ve added an option under My ad boxes: click on “edit”, and go to the “your ad here” text section. Whenever someone clicks through to Project Wonderful through an ad box on your site, your affiliate ID can be added automatically. Publishing with Project Wonderful just became more profitable for you!

The only thing missing is a nice 125 x 125 Project Wonderful banner to add to my sidebar.

But I’m sure that’s coming soon!


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