April 9th, 2010

Problem with the WP Marketer Plugin

Pull The Hair To Fall Asleep
Image by clappstar via Flickr

For months now, I have been having problems with my telecommute blog, Mish and Mish.

I couldn’t get the posts to schedule and I couldn’t move or open my widgets.

It didn’t matter which theme I tried, same problem.

The problem was so frustrating, that I was considering scrapping the whole blog and just adding the work from home aspect of MishandMash to my earn from home blog, MoneyTrina.

The problem actually didn’t occur until I upgraded my WordPress so I thought that was the problem although my research had shown no one else having the same issue.

In the back of my mind was the thought to deactivate the plugins one-by-tedious one but as I have over 40 on this blog alone, I, of course, procrastinated.

Finally, I put my plan in gear and found the culprit, the WP Marketer plugin. Actually, not the one that I was expecting.

The purpose of the plugin is:

Easy marketer link masking and more. With WP Marketer manage your in text and performance marketing programs without having to use multiple tools to set up ads in posts and landing pages, manage your inventory and track results. Now you can manage your online marketing with greater control and ease of use than ever before.

Sounded good on paper, right?

Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is not to trash the plugin. Who knows…it is in the realm of possibilities that I am not even using it right.

I just wanted to remind my lovely readers to check your plugins if you are ever having a problem with your blog. Sure could have saved myself weeks of frustration if I had followed my own advice, huh..

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