September 27th, 2011

Preview Ramble of

I say that this is a preview because I have yet to install the forward plugin from Blog With Katrina.

As you can see, it is pretty much the same blog other than a few tweaks here and there.

Although the official launch of AmaBloggers (formerly isn’t until October 1, 2011, I have already started transfering external links over.


Who knew that I had signed up for so much over the years. Lol.

So far, I have done EntreCard, Networked Blogs, and Adgitize.

Actually, I have dedicated the entire week towards this goal so don’t expect alot on ChatWithKatrina or TheGoodBuy.

I also made a FaceBook page (finally!) for all three blogs.

(Go ahead and click that “Like” button for me. :-))

I need to learn how to change that background color on the Facebook Social Plugin box (yuck!) but that’s a project for another day (do you know?)

Oh, and I solved the problem of the WordPress Importer by exporting the blog post by post and page by page.

Yeah…it took forever.

I’ll do a longer post on the process at a later date.

Anyway, much more tweaking to do (even in this post) so I need to stop wasting time chatting with you.



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