September 20th, 2011

Post Review: BareFootFoodie on how to stumble


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The BareFootFoodie has written and funny post on how to effectively get started on StumbleUpon.

Warning, though, that post is full of profanity that might offend the more sensitive.

To give you a hint on just how, er, profound her vocubulary choice is the title of her article is “The Probably Complete Guide To Not Fucking Up StumbleUpon”.

If the title does not offend, feel free to read her original article. However, I have taken the liberty to add a few things that may have been updated since that article was written.

However, if the curse word was a bit to much for you, never fear, I will sum up the more salient points here.

Step 1: Obviously go to and make up your profile (Note from me, many people use their blog name).

Step 2: Download the StumbleUpon Toolbar

The stumble upon tool bar should have the following properties:

a. Stumble Button: allows you to look at the items that everyone has given a thumbs up (stumble)

b. All Button: All you to stumble by category

c. Mail Button: Sites that your followers have sent directly to you.

d. Thumbs Up Button: the button you push to say that you like a website (aka: stumble it). If you are the first person to stumble it, SU will take you through a series of questions about the website. Unless the site is absolutely pornography, always click YES for safe for work. If you are stumbling a blog, be sure to stumble the exact post and not the blog home page.

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e. Thumbs Down Button: the button you click if you are NOT a fan of a site. Only works if someone else has given the site the thumbs up.

f. Facebook Button: this one was not mentioned but it is basically the button that you use to share a site on your Facebook wall.

g. Share Button: this button allows you to share the site via email or stumble bar notification with your followers.

h. Info Button: Read previous reviews of a site or write one yourself.

i. Favorites Button: Check to see how the sites that you have stumbled are doing.

j. Stumblers Button: Takes you to the page of those you are following.

k. Tool Drop Down: Let’s you take care of your personal SU account.

The blog further goes on to explain SU Authority.

Authority is just how it sounds, how much clout you have in the StumbleUpon world.

The more stuff you have stumbled, the higher your authority.

The more stuff you review, the higher your authority.

The more stuff you discover (be the first to stumble), the higher your authority.

Basically, stumble EVERYTHING, and your authority will rise.

Plus, SU will ignore you if all you ever stumble is your own stuff.

Only 1 out of every 15 items that you stumble should be your own site if you want to gain authority, and thus, others stumbling your site.

In fact, you should be stumbling 15 seperate sites before you stumble the same site again.

For example, I love to read problogger, but I should only stumble it 1 out of every 15 stumbles.

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If necessary, I would just stumble a whole bunch of other sites using the stumble bar then come back and stumble problogger.

It is also best if someone else stumbles your site first and then you just go back and give it a thumbs up.

Finally, the article is wrapped up with what type of post usually takes off in SU.

Same stuff that you read everywhere on blogging.

Keep it short, hook them in the first sentence, and be original.

And, of course, there were a few words of advice written in the comments section.

Make sure to tag the sites correctly.

Make sure that your antivirus is up to date!

Make sure that you are stumbling the post and not the comments.

Click the Thumbs Up Icon again to remove any accidental stumbles.

Ok, class, any questions?

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