December 14th, 2011

Plugin: Keyword Luv

A plugin that I have on most of my wordpress blogs but that I am kind of confused on the purpose of is Keyword Luv.

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Yeah, so I just basically jumped on the bandwagon without really knowing where it was heading.Lol.

As far as my limited reasoning can tell, the purpose of keyword luv is to give anchored text  backlink.

Anchored text is important for seo because it tells the search bots what your blog is about.

For example, the blog is about blogging.

It is not about amablogger.

Amablogger is the title of the blog but it means less to nothing.

How many people are really searching for the term “amablogger”, right?

According to Google Keyword tools that would be a big fat zero..nada…zilch! Lol.

But a cool one million people are searching for “blogging” monthly.

Still don’t get it either?

Me neither. Lol.

But a really nice advantage of having Keyword Luv is that your commentors will leave their name rather than the name of their blog.

Would you rather I leave a comment with Amablogger or a comment that reads Katrina from Amablogger.

It is just more personal, you know…

So, even if you do not completely understand all of the backlink stuff (me neither!), it is worth it to make the comments on your blog more reader friendly.

If I haven’t given you enough information on keyword luv or I have given you so much that your mind is blown and you have some follow up questions, feel free to leave them below.

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