February 14th, 2012

Plugin: Editorial Calendar

An in the continuing saga of what in the world is wrong with this blog now, I still cannot predate blog posts.


Which explains why I have not been posting much on here.

Well, that and a combination of procrastination lazy and being busy working on my other blogs.

However, yesterday it occurred to me that I could just use the Editorial Calendar as a temporary work around.

And, thus, this post was born (and written yesterday, by the way. Lol.)

On my shopping blog, I use the Editorial Calendar plugin as a quick way to see what posts that I have scheduled on what day.

It also also allows me to move posts to a different day with a simple click and drag.

For the purposes of this blog, I used the Editorial Calendar’s ability to write a simple, unformated post right from the plugin’s dashboard.

Well, I could actually format using html if I was more familiar with, well…HTML.

Ah, wordpress, how you did spoil me! Lol.

After writing just anything in the post, I actually came back to the All Posts tab of my main dashboard and was easily able to make updates to this post.

I still cannot get my Media uploader to work.

Nor will this blog’s hyperlink tool work.

But…two thumbs up for the Editorial Calendar for at least solving on of my problems.

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