May 14th, 2010

Plugin: Datafeedr Random Ads V2

I have been diligently looking for the perfect banner rotator.

Ideally, it would auto-rotate, be very easy to customize, can use in multiple locations, and allow me to preview the banner.

The closest that I have come to my ideal is the DataFeedr banner plugin.

It more or less suits my needs.

You can have an unlimited amount of banners on your pages/posts.

It is very easy to customize.

Simply name a campaign such as “bloggers” and add/remove the banners.

Unfortunately, to preview the banners, I did have to save them first then re-enter the campaign.

And, I wish I could set it to auto-rotate on a timer instead of each page refresh.

Other than those minor tweaks, DataFeedr appears to be my banner rotator of choice.

What yours?

The primary thing is that it is very easy to customize.

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