September 29th, 2010

Plugin: Akismet

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Akismet is shorthand for Automatic Kismet and it reduces the amount of comment and pingback spam.

When a new comment or pingback arrives at your blog, Akismet runs it through its database and either gives it a yea or a nay.

It even works on comments in any language.

The comment is saved for 15 days just in case you want to approve it manually.

The neat thing that if something spammy does get through, once you mark it as spam, Akismet learns and grows and it won’t get through again.

In essence, it becomes smarter as we all use it.

And the API Key from Akismet can be used on multiple blogs.

To date, it has blocked almost a whopping 300 pieces of spam on this blog.

(To see the most accurate count, see the plugin’s real time stats in the footer of this blog.)

To get started using a Akismet, you can either request an API key but submitting  here or sign-in to and have one assigned automatically.

To use API Key, log in to your account.

Go to the Plugin section.

Click Add New.

In thesearch field, type Akismet.

Find Akismet and click Install Now.

Activate the plugin.

Turn your eyes back to the Plugin tab and find Akismet Configuration.

Your Akismet API Key should already be there.

If you are using the API Key on your blog, copy the key.

Follow the steps to install the plugin on your blog and paste in the API Key.

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