May 9th, 2016

My blogging day: Housing Niche Blog

Man, oh, man…I keep forgetting that I want to keep a log of how I spend my blogging time.

Here it is, almost 11:30, I am just now remembering.

My blogging day generally starts at 8 a.m. and ends around 8 p.m.

Yep, I put in a full 12 hour days and, God willing, I will one day have something to show for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do take breaks to shower, walk the dog, go to the store, etc.

But, most days are spent simply blogging.

Now, on Mondays, my focus is on my housing niche blog.

I usually try to check my Adsense ($0.25 from my housing blog. So, you know, not great) and my statcounter (none of my blogs went above  my goal of 100 visits a day with personal/lifestyle being the highest at 64 visits).

Then I load up my buffer accounts. I am still on the free account so I max out at 10 posts on 3 social medias. This morning, however, I took a concentrated effort to figure out Hootsuite. I am primarily going to be using it for the housing niche blog. So, I connected the housing niche blog’s twitter, google plus, and instagram accounts for autoposting.

Next, I added another page to the housing authority list in an effort to finally (finally!) get it completed. It has been on my list for years.

And now I am adding posts to my housing niche blog. I like to have at least a weeks worth of posts. I have a google alert sent to my inbox for the terms that related to my topic. I just pull news articles from those.

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I have noticed lately that blogs have recent posts lists in the middle of their posts and I spent about an hour trying to find a plugin that can make that happen. After that, I gave up and went to 7 11 to get a conciliatory hot-dog for my defeat.

Ok, so after a hot dog and donut, I took a wee lil’ 5 hour nap.

Got up long enough to do my Facebook groups and reload my buffer.

Now I am doing some none blogger work so I’ll see you in the morning…

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