April 20th, 2010

Monetize with Amazon

One of the webs most popular and most successful affiliate programs is Amazon Associates.

That’s because you can earn up to 15% of the sale and Amazon sales just about everything.

And you can choose your own style of selling from text links and banners to widgets or your own store.

(I especially like the widget that connects to my own wishlist. Double SCORE!

Amazon even offers the opportunity to make money with affiliates such as

Commission is either a straight 4% or a fee schedule that starts at 4% and increases by the volume you sell.

(Frankly, I can’t comprehend going for the classic 4%?!?!)

You can be paid by check, direct deposit, or even an Amazon gift card.

Either use the Amazon log in the you use for buying or create a special one just for selling.

The only thing that I didn’t see was if Amazon offers a referral down line for those of you who join from here and start making profit.

Does anybody know?

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