March 7th, 2010 I-work-for-me-not-for-free

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I was received an email from with the link to some very good articles.

Among them was a very emphatic one written by Trisha on entitled I work for me not for free

If you are a blogger, you should really give it a good read.

To sum it up, though, she is basically saying , and I quote “I’m no ones bitch girl.”

Which is why I got into blogging in the first place.

It didn’t require special traning just the ability to learn on the job.

And, best of all, I have no clients or customers.

I work for me.

Don’t like my blog…

Don’t read it.

Don’t advertise on it.

Just keep it movin’…

No hard feelings.

However, her particular rant in this article is against the people who consistently advise newbies to write new articles for “exposure”.

Or those companies that practically take over your blog as they pay you to post.

I have no problems with either.

They are a great way to launch a blog or earn an occasional income while writing your own content.

But, I agree, don’t become their “whore”.

Make sure your blog stays true to your vision.

Do one occasional.

And only if it pertains to the readers of your blog.

If your focus on the here-and-now money, you’ll be missing out on the grand promise and potential of your future earnings.

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