May 1st, 2016

May 2016 Blog Income, Traffic, Goals, and Linkup

Welcome to May 2016’s Blog Income, Traffic, Goals, and Linkup post.

Wow, April was a busy month.

I learned a lot.

I tried a few things.

I failed at a few things.

Some things that I tried, I won’t be able to see the until well into this month, so the results will probably be reported on my June 2016 Blog Income report.


Well, let’s get started by looking at my April 2016 Goals success and failures. I put the failures in red (boo!) and the successes (woo hoo!). The kinda dids are in grey.


  • Journal my blogging journal every day
  • Write at least one “how to” or “review” post a week.
  • Fix that pesky plugin problem
  • Start a linkup


  • Write one post a week
  • Fix the header
  • Insert a special google adsense code in the center of my top 10 most popular posts



  • Write one blog post every for every day of the week
  • Fix the header
  • Check out what the competition is doing

Social Goals

My other goals are just generic social activities to bring my self more traffic and comments.

  • Continue using the Facebook blogging groups on weekends only
  • Read blogs that I subscribe to via email and leave thoughtful comments
  • Decide on a unified brand look for every blog
  • Make an image for every post and pin it
  • On Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon spend 10 minutes on each everyday  reading and sharing other people’s stuff
  • Add my posts to as many linkups as possible
  • Make sure that my Buffer stays full of my posts everyday
  • Cross promote my blogs as possible

My failures came not as a result of me not doing the work but, rather, spending that valuable time trying to fix website problems.

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One of the major ones came with the WordPress update in which the Visual/Text buttons were not working. Also, my Add Media buttons were malfunctioning after the update as well. A combination of rolling back to a back-up copy on my webhost plus going through and testing/deleting plugins seemed to have solved the problem. But that took several long, frustrating days to figure out and accomplish.

Plus, it completely threw me off my schedule as I was doing that instead of actually writing posts, writing posts instead of being social, and being social rather than checking off items on my lists. It took to the end of the month before I felt that I was at last catching up. (Even as I type this, WP is telling me that I don’t have permission to add a category. Really?? If I don’t, who does????)

In addition to that distraction, I also did a few things that were not on my goals list such as connect each of my websites to MailChimp.

I probably will be able to fix the header myself on MsCrookedHalo but I am probably going to have to hire a web designer to get SingedWings to look the way that I want.



  • Last Month: 135 Visitors for an average of 5:16 minutes
  • This Month: 806 Visitors for an average of 2:09 minutes


  • Last Month: 349 Visitors for an average of 2:45 minutes
  • This Month: 873 Visitors for an average of 3:06 minutes


  • Last Month: 18 Visitors for an average 0:00 minutes
  • This Month: 57 Visitors for an average 0:57 minutes


  • Last Month: 737 Visitors for an average 1:14 minutes
  • This Month: 524 Visitors for an average 1:53 minutes

MsCrookedHalo went up because of the amount of effort that I put into it with pinning, using Buffer to autopost, and focusing on it in my FaceBook groups 4 days/week.

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Weirdly, my Amablogger and SingedWings Google Analytic stats are wrong because Amablogger was pulling stats from Singedwings. It was weird. So, I deleted the code and recopied the correct code into each blog. Hopefully, that fixed the problem and my stats for next month will be more accurate.


Last month, I neglected to put in my social follower numbers to that we can have something to compare. So, we’ll just start from here and keep it moving.

First, we’ll start with my generic stats and then move on to the individual blogs:






Weeelllll, as far as actual money in my greedy lil’ hands, that would be a whopping $0. I was about $6 away from meeting the $100 Google Adsense payout minimum. My last check was $105.06 in December 2015.

  • January: $14.04
  • Februrary: $27.81
  • March: $15.51
  • April: $19.98

However, I did see an increase in my Adsense income on individual blogs the past month as I tested ad blocks locations.

As far as each individual blog, VoucherList, my niche blog, was the by far winner. But my lifestyle blog got in the game a smidgen more this month. Especially once I discovered the WP Touch Mobile plugin.

  • VoucherList: $18.40
  • MsCrookedHalo: $0.90
  • SingedWings: $0.66
  • Amablogger: $0.01

So, which locations were the winners?

  • Voucherlist: Post Footer
  • MsCrookedHalo: Post Header
  • SingedWings: Sidebar
  • Amablogger: Post Header

I think it will take a couple more months of testing before I can draw any conclusions about ad placement on each blog.

Amazon Associates got on my ever loving nerves this month as they kept cancelling my account for one reason or another. And, it seemed to happen whenever I actually made a sell. Grrr. After the 3rd time, I had to walk away for a bit. Maybe I’ll try again in a couple of months.

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Meanwhile, I am have joined other affiliate networks and applied and was approved for various companies. I will be kicking those into gear with new strategies in May. We’ll see how it goes and, of course, I’ll keep you updated.

Still no sponsored posts. 🙁 Of course, I think I only spent 1 day applying so, you know, that might be the reason, right?


Blogging Goals:

One goal that I am still debating back and forth is creating another niche blog. A niche blog is clearly the big money maker. Plus, it is on another issue close to my heart. But, alas, I already have a lot on my plate.


  1. Fix Header
  2. Post Daily
  3. Add images to old posts


  1. Fix Header
  2. Post Weekly
  3. SEO old posts
  4. Decide on blog purpose/tagline
  5. Design Subscriber Incentive
  6. Add images to old posts


  1. Post Daily “Freebie” List
  2. Start “Book Club”
  3. Review one book per week
  4. Write romance industry posts
  5. Add images to old posts


  1. Add images to old posts
  2. Write one “plugin of the month” post
  3. Write one “how to” post
  4. Write weekly “linkup” post
  5. Write monthly income post ***Done!!!***

Traffic Goals:

Increase traffic to each blog to an average of 4,000 across all 4 blogs

Social Goals:

Increase each social media by at least 31 followers each by sharing

Income Goals:

  1. Get paid by Adsense!!
  2. Earn money with affiliate programs
  3. Do at least one sponsored post

Thanks for reading. If you write an income, traffic, or goal post, feel free to add it in the linkup below.

You may even add this linkup to your own blog with the following code.

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Or you can start your own linkup with simple to learn and use inLinkz.

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