December 1st, 2011

Looking For DoFollow Blogs to Follow

Is your blog dofollow?

Do Follow means that if I post a comment on your blog, will google bots be able to follow it from your blog to mine?


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Why would I want to link to a dofollow blog?

To improve my pagerank just be leaving comments.

Yep, that’s the secret to how a blog can go from a zero pagerank to a PR of 2 or even higher in just a couple of months.

Increased pagerank almost always equals increased traffic.

And for those who monetize, increased traffic also equals increased moola.

Why would you want to be dofollow?

Because a lot of bloggers will leave you comments just because your blog is dofollow.

Yes, in some cases, that is a bad thing.

But, for the most part, it is a wonderful way to get your blog’s name out there.

Do you that there are several blogs that make posts of all of the dofollow blogs that they follow?

How would you like to have your blog listed in a post of a blog that is a PR 6 or higher.

Yeah, that’s juice baby!

Simply from being a dofollow blog and keeping your posts updated frequently.

Anywho, I am looking for dofollow blogs on just about every subject to follow and comment.

I may not be a PR 6 (yet) but I have already achieved PR 2 with this blog with hardly any effort.

And now I am about to kick it into gear!

Watch out PR 3, here I come! Lol.

Post your link below!

(Doesn’t matter if it wordpress, blogger, or anything else, just as long as it is dofollow and has the ability to leave a comment with a URL.)

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5 comments to Looking For DoFollow Blogs to Follow

  • How do I know if my blog is a dofollow? And if it is not, how do activate a dofollow blog? Thank you:)

    • MsKatrina

      In Firefox, I right click somewhere on my blog and go down to where it says View Page Source. After the small window pops up, I hold down the Control Key and press the letter “F” on your keyboard. Type in the word “nofollow” into the search box. If the function finds any instance of the word “nofollow”, then you are not a do follow blog. HTH.

  • from my experience in commenting on dofollow blogs, i have found them very informative and usually i bookmark a lot of pages, but in all situations i must give good something back to the dofollow blog owner. thanks a lot

    room darkening shades recently posted..1My Profile

  • There are a lot of benefits if you’re blog is Do follow such as increase in site traffic, building relationship with other bloggers, more chances of getting guest post and exposure to blogosphere. However, you also have to keep the comments moderated so that you can delete the comments that are irrelevant to your blog post.

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