March 29th, 2010


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I just realised that although I’ve mentioned one of my absolute favorite plugins, Linkwithin, I never actually wrote a post describing what it is.

If you look below each of my posts, you will see five boxes under the phrase “You might also like”. That’s the result of LinkWithin.

We retrieve and index all stories from your blog archive, not just recent stories, making them accessible to new or casual readers of your blog who would not otherwise encounter them.

This is another brilliant plugin that I found searching the web and fell into lust with immediately.

The only downside that I have found is that you have to set up the plugin from the developer’s site then download it and upload it to your site. And you have to do this each time you make a change.

Changes can include going from three links to five (I did that one) or changing your theme to one with a dark background with light writing.

It will work if your blog doesn’t have any images as it will just make text back links. But, as you can see, LinkWithin has a much more compelling appeal if you add images to each of your posts.

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