June 1st, 2014

June 2014 Goals

Time to shoot for the stars.

Here are my publicly posted blogging goals for the month of June.

My personal goals are posted over on

Here are my blogging goals in order of stream of consciousness.

  • Post 1x per week on each blog
  • Complete Mailchimp for each blog
  • Complete 2 sponsored post/tweet jobs
  • 10 new Facebook Fans for each blog
  • 10 new Twitter Followers for each blog
  • Make an IG for each blog
  • Make a Pinterest board for each blog
  • Make a pin for each new post
  • 10 new Pinterest Followers for each blog
  • 1 new Email Subscriber for each blog
  • Leave 1 comment/week on blogs with each blog link
  • Sponsor 1 giveaway
  • Earn $1/day on Adsense
  • Earn $1/day on Project Wonderful (Affiliate link so they’ll know I sent you)
  • Earn $1/day on Amazon Associates
  • Follow the daily schedule I set for blogging.
  • Make one of those opt-in email capture popups for each blog.
  • Join 1 linkup/week per blog

Those are my goals for this month. Do you think that I missed anything?


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