June 8th, 2011

Is Your Sidebar Too Crowded?

I took a good look at my sidebar and decided that it was way too crowded for my personal liking.

It was a good decision for me to organize the various programs into categories such as Blog Hops and Product Reviews.

Yet, it is still too crowded so I have decided that only the programs that I actively use will be getting the prime real estate on my sidebar.

The rest were moved to my RESOURCES page.

Now you will know which programs have a definite Katrina Stamp of Approval.

Ie, they did what they promised…more traffic or monetization.

After all, this is my reputation we are talking about here and I can’t go around sullying that, now can I.

Is your sidebar to crowded? Are the programs there truly ones that you use? Are they truly ones that you would recommend?

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