June 27th, 2014

I read SITS this week

This week I decided to focus my reading on articles by the Sway Group (formerly known as SITS Girls).

As usual, I just give the gist of each post. I highly recommend that you visit each one to get the full effect.

Plus, useful information can often be found in the comments.

Maintaining A Low Bounce Rate

At the end of each post, have related posts. In the sidebar, have popular posts. Get rid of popups or at least limit them. Have great content. These tips are explained and expounded on the post.

How Healthy Is Your Blog? Evaluate and Get the Free Download Now

Most of my blogs have a clear brand. This blog, for example, is the anti-guru of blogging. Singedwings is readers of romance and/or erotica. Voucherlist is all about the Section 8 Housing program. Even the future blogs that I have in mind all have a target. The one that I struggle to brand is actually my personal blog, MsCrookedHalo, because, well, it is a personal blog. But, I agree, even my personal blog needs a focus so that people will know what to expect. Hmm.

5 Things To Make Your Blog Stand Out From Everyone Else

Start by having a nice header that sits above the fold and is not to big. Have a clutter free sidebar.

Write your truth with user friendly text.

Have decent photographs to go with the text.

Even if you don’t have one niche in your personal blog, you can have several niches within it.

Have your social media buttons prominently displayed.

Make your posts easy to share right from your blog.

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11 Ways to Get Creative and Make Money with Your Sponsored Posts

This post is more along the lines of what to do if you have already been offered a sponsored post to write. I have been mulling over the idea of writing a post on where to get sponsored posts and the idea has morphed into a page. Goal is to have that written up by next week or at least begin in.

Creating a Budget for Your Blog in 2014

Do you take in consideration all that you need to blog. Computer? Internet? Hosting? Etc.

Your Daily Blogging Checklist for 2014 – Plus FREE Printable

A good checklist because blogging is more than simply writing a post.

Turn Your Blog Into a Business in 2014

Work with Brands. Write freelance. Write an eBook. Affiliate Marketing. Ads on your sidebar.

10 Web Design Elements All Blogs Should Include

Attention Grabbing Header. Complimentary Color Scheme. Reader Friendly Font. Easy Navigation. Mobile Friendly. Unique Author Profile. Subscription Options. Search Bar. Popular Posts. Use Footer.

How to Perfect Your About Me Page

Use your personality that matches your blog. Write about what the reader should expect to see on your blog. Add your contact information and social media links. Put in photos and information, especially if it is a personal blog. Put in links to your favorite posts. Add some fun facts.

5 simple SEO tips

Decide on a keyword before you start writing. Title your post with your keyword. Include your keyword in your images’ alt text and titles. Repeat the keyword a few times in the post. If linking to another post, use that post’s keyword as the anchor text. Do not keyword stuff.

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6 Editing Tips to Make Your Writing Rock

Use spell-check. Keep track of homophones. Read one word at a time. Use an active voice. Step away from the post and come back with fresh eyes.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Blog Button in PicMonkey

Written and video instructions.

How to Create Food Posts That Drive Thousands of Visits to Your Blog

High quality pictures. Step-by-step instructions. Write well. Add a personal touch. Make posts easy to find.

8 Tips for Optimizing Pinterest

Name your image to match your post. Include a description. Put web address on image. Add your twitter handle to title. Include keyword hashtags in title. Have a Pin It button on your site. Join a group Pin board. Pin your own material as well as other people’s stuff.

Google Plus Guide: 5 Easy Steps to Getting Started on Google+

Detailed instructions on how to use Google Plus.

How to use Facebook Interest Lists to Drive more Likes, Comments, and Shares

Awesome advice to use an Interest List to help discretely  promote your own stuff.

6 Top Tips For How to Make an Infographic

Know your topic and your audience. Research your data. Use the right graph, chart, or table. Make concise, organized point. Make it pretty. Promote it.

How To Balance Blogging And Family Time

Keep to a schedule (yeah, right! Lol.). Schedule time away from the computer. Let go of things that you cannot control. Set boundaries. Teach kids about working from home. Keep a notebook handy to jot notes or even write a post. Draft a post when you are feeling creative and edit it later. Divide your time between blogging tasks.

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