November 16th, 2011

How to put the Google Adsense Search Box on your website

As mentioned in my previous post on not leaving money on the table but not having google adsense search, I am now going to walk you through the steps to install Adsense for Search to your website or blog.

Step One is, of course, to log into your Google Adsense account.

Step Two is to click on the My Ads tab.

Step three is to click on Search

Step four, create a new custom search engine

Step Five is where you will name your search engine, select whether to have it search the entire web or just your site or the site (s) of your choosing.

You can also enter any keywords, choose whether to have SafeSearch activated (Safe for work and children), choose a country and language.

I had no clue what encoding and transliteration are so I trusted google and left it alone.

I clicked on Popular queries simply because I was curious what it was. Still no clue.

Someone more knowledgable than I can feel free to share what all of this stuff means.

And please K.I.S.S. I am not the quickest pebble on the beach. Lol.

I add a custom channel to everything because I want to know where the click came from.

Pick a style and size search box that suits your taste. No worries. Everything is adjustable if you need to make changes. Same thing with Ad style.

And now we get to the meat of this page. How do you want the search results to be displayed?

Google can display them on the familiar search page in the same window but you will lose your reader to google, possibly never to return.

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Google can display the results in a new window which would leave your website open while they  do their searching.

Or, my favorite, the adsense search results can display on your website using an iframe. Which means that your visitor never leaves your site. However, this does require an extra couple of steps. We’ll come back to that. For now, click on Save and Get Code and you should arrive at this screen.

Place the very first code wherever you want the search box to show.

Now, if you selected to open the search results using a page on your own site, then you need to designate a page on which the results will land.

That is what the search results code is for. Make a page and name it appropriately. I named mine Search.

Paste the second code into the html of your search page.

Click Update.


As I elected to have the popular queries, google designed a third code whick I simply pasted underneath my search results code.

And to help my searchers keep on search box code into the page as well.

Hopefully, I did not skip any steps or confuse you.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Happy Searching!

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