March 26th, 2010

How to embed an external website into the navigation bar on

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Since the debut of KatrinaBlogs, I have been asked just how I got my other blogs to be embedded into the navigation bar.

It is actually unbelievably easy!


At first, I tried the plugin Page Links To but it didn’t do exactly what I wanted.

Its an excellent plugin if you want your readers to move to a different website.

Of course, then they would either have to remember the original website or hit the back button to get back to it.


But, with the plugin Embed iFrame, my readers never actually leave Katrina Blogs, yet they get the full experience of being on each of my individual blogs.

Simply install the plugin as usual.

Go to or create the page.

Switch over to the HTML editor.

Insert the code

[iframe url width height]

with url beingย

Click publish.

Hold down the control key and click “visit site”.

You should, at this point, see a small iFrame with the site that you wanted to embed.

Yep, it was just that simple.

In fact, the most difficult task is changing the width and height to make the page palatable to my eyes.

To do so, simply come back to the HTML editor of your page.

Again find your code

[iframe url width height]

Where it says width, put in a random three digit number.

Do the same for height.

Keep looking at your page until the external site is ideally proportianate.

Like I said, this was the hardest part and that’s not really all that hard.

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