March 25th, 2010

How to Choose Effective Website Photos and Images by Sandra Niehaus

Image by ncracker via Flickr

I am currently reading Part 1 of the three part article: How to Choose Effective Website Photos and Images

Not all images are created equal. The right image on a web page can capture attention, inform, and even persuade your site visitors. The right image can communicate who you and your company are more quickly and powerfully than words alone can do. The wrong image, however, can confuse, annoy, and even repel your visitors. The wrong image can give your audience a negative impression of your product, service, or company that you may never have a chance to correct.

The article is very well written with lots of illustrations to emphasis her points.

As you may have noticed, I went back and added images to the posts that were lacking them. I actually started doing research on adding images (for free!) after I installed the LinkWithin plugin since it works better and looks more crisp on posts with images.

Unfortunately, many of the image purchase options are out of the price range of my poor bedraggled blog but I have found some neat alternatives that I will be reviewing shortly and will make your life as a blogger so much easier!

Stay tuned…

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