May 27th, 2014

How to change categories on wordpress and atahualpa them

Hi all,

No, I haven’t gone back to my slovenly ways of doing nothing on this blog.

Most of the work that I did last week and continued into this week have been behind the scenes type of stuff.

Or stuff that I have failed at, such as updating my Google Analytics account. Who writes those instructions over there?!? FAIL!!!!!

If I ever figure it out, I’ll be sure to write a more comprehensive set of directions complete with my trademark photos. ~sigh~

One thing that I have done, and probably only the most observant of you have even noticed, is to update my post categories and add them to the header of this blog for easier navigation.

amablogger category change

It became a bit of a problem when even I couldn’t find what I was looking for…

This week, I am just going through and making sure that each post is in its appropriate category (or categories).

I figured someone out there would like a post on how to change the categories in wordpress in general and the atahualpa theme, specifically.

If you are not using the Atahualpa theme or just don’t need this information, scroll on down to the WordPress Category information.

You can have the categories appear in the header area, on your sidebar, in the footer, or all of the above.

To put them in the Atahualpa theme header, you must be logged into your blog.

Go down to Appearance and open up Atahulapa Theme Options.

Open Atahualpa

After opening the theme, click on Style and edit Header Area.

Atahualpa Header Area

In the Configure Header area, chose which way you want your category to display.

Atahualpa Configure

You have the choice of: %cat-right, %cat-center, or %cat-left.

Copy/paste or type your selection into the box.

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Atahualpa Configure box

Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Visit your blog and see if it looks the way that you want.

Change the location in the selection box if you want to move it around and click Save Changes each time.

If you can’t see it (like in mine above), use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll over until you find it.

These are instructions for the Atahualpa theme, I don’t really know how this works in other themes because Atahualpa is currently the only theme that I use.

To change the categories in WordPress, however, should be pretty much universal.

On your blog’s dashboard, go to Posts and Select Categories.

WP Posts

From this page, you can create a new category, delete an unnecessary category, edit a category, or view a listing of posts currently under that category.

WP Categories

 Quick Edit always to simply change the category name and its accompanying slug.
To edit the entire category, click on the category title (for example, How To) or on the word Edit.
To view the listing of posts in the category, click on the number under the word Posts.
To see the posts themselves, click on the word View.
Deleting a category does not delete a post. It simply moves it to whatever your default category may be until you assign it otherwise.

I think that may just about cover it for this tutorial.
If I failed to answer any questions that you have on the subject, feel free to leave a message in the comments.


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