March 11th, 2010

How Much Should Mom Bloggers Earn? by Jennifer James

Oh no, here come the Bloggers
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How much should bloggers earn?

$22,000 a day!!!


Don’t we all wish.

Heck, some of us (ahem) would settle for getting that much per year. Lol.

Yet, Jennifer James starts off her article with that eye-grabbing figure to lead you into at least thinking of the possibility and your value in the blogosphere.

After all, that’s how much Chris Brogan charges for 8 hours of his time.

And he makes dang sure that he is worth it!

And, we all should too.

Figure out how much to the minute your time is worth and charge it.

Ms. James has firmly joined the bandwagon of no more freebies for PR firms, brands, and companies.

“So, in other words, no more “Can I Pick Your Brain for Free” telephone calls and emails. That’s called consulting. No more “guest blogging” on brand sites. That’s called freelancing. No more working with a PR firm or marketer for an entire month or more on one campaign by blogging and tweeting about a product on behalf of a brand. That’s called being a brand ambassador and that type of work needs to be compensated. No more inserting keywords in “product reviews”. That’s called advertising.”

And I tend to agree.

If it is a product that you thoroughly enjoy and want to tell the world about, feel free to write it up.

But, if a company contacts you, the least they could do is throw you a freebie for your efforts.

Which is why I don’t do write-ups from press releases.

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Put the product in my greedy lil’ hands, thank you…

Read Ms. James article here.

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