May 31st, 2010

How I used the MailChimp Autoresponder

Ok, so here’s the situation.

I found an ebook that I found extremely useful.

And better yet,  the author allows free distribution.

I decided to build my readers by offering it with every newsletter subscription.

And I wanted the process to be both automated and instant.

The problem: I had no clue how to do that!

MailChimp to the rescue!

Ok, so it took a while and a few desk pounds to figure out to get it to do what I wanted it to do but now it works perfectly.

In fact, whilst cussing and fussing, I actually got it to do even more than I wanted it to do.

Yes, new subscribers will instantly receive the ebook.

I also have  my feedburner forwarded  to MailChimp so I could take advantage of all the detailed information MailChimp provides, such as  who opens up the newsletters.

And, if I am not mistaken, any subscribers that I receive via MailChimp will also update my Feedburner count.

That’s exactly what I wanted in an RSS autoresponder.

MailChimp comes with three price plans:

  • Free
  • Pay As You Go
  • Monthly

Since I was just more or less interested in testing the program to see if it would do what I wanted it to do, I chose the free plan, which was more than satisfactory for my current needs. Although, I hope to outgrow it in the future. 🙂

With the free program, you can store up to 500 contacts and send out up to 3,000 mails per month.

Figuring out the hows and whys of MailChimp took me awhile and my head is starting to ache.

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If I didn’t explain something well enough, please feel free to ask questions.

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