December 15th, 2011

How fast is your website? Run this test and find out!

Speed can kill.

No, not the narcotic.

The speed in which your website loads.

Ask yourself how many times you’ve hit that back button when a website took entirely too long to load.

And anything on your blog can affect its speed.

From header size to the amount of plugins in your sidebar.

One way that I have found to check my webpage load speed is with

This website checked my speed on all modems from the old 14.4k to the supersonic T1’s 1.44Mbps.

In addition it told me that I am doing excellent work with the total number of HTML files on each page (Ok, no clue what that means but thanks! lol.) but gave me a warning that I have to many “objects”  and images per page. But I like images….~whine~…lol.

All in all I had six big red Warnings, one yellow Caution, and four green Congratulations.

Guess that means that I have some work to do…~sigh~….

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1 comment to How fast is your website? Run this test and find out!

  • No matter how useful our site is, but what happen if it is load slowly? The simple and deadly answer is – we have to bear loss of bouncing visitor thus fast loading is very much neccessary for our site.

    Anyway thanks a lot for this.

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