August 11th, 2013

How do you monetize your personal blog?

Cheque from Google AdSense

Cheque from Google AdSense (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, this is not a blog post with all of the answers.

This is a blog post that is seriously asking the question “how do you monetize your personal blog?”.

A personal blog has its own unique challenges because it can be random and not niche specific.

On my blog,, I talk about any and everything.

Yep, it is just a ramble and rant type of blog.

Although, if I do come across any answers on my own, I will be glad to share them.

For example, one way that I monetize my personal blog is through the use of Project Wonderful.

Project Wonderful, to describe it simply, is the anti-adsense.

With Project Wonderful, customers bid on your ad boxes on your blog, usually based on your niche but predominantly on your traffic, and you are paid regardless of whether or not the ad gets a click.

Of course, the more clicks that your website deliver, the more advertisers will bid on your ad blocks.

And cashout is ony $10!! Yay!!

The only catch is that they charge $1 per withdrawal.

So, if you withdraw $10, you will actually get $9.

On the other hand, if you withdraw $100, you will get back $99.

So it only costs $1 no matter how much you withdraw.

I have also been toying with the idea of adding paid posting to MsCrookedHalo and .

And, of course, there is always google adsense which I currently only use on my niche blog,

And there is a reason for that.

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Niche blogs convert better than general blogs when it comes to adsense.

Another idea that I have seen on a very popular personal blog, TheBloggess, was to sell links on the sidebar.

But I would need to get my stats waaaaaaaaay up to be successful with that.

Doable, though, if I buckle down.

But me, buckle down, uh, yeah…..OK…..

So, other than those few ideas, I’m stuck…

How do you monetize your personal blog.

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5 comments to How do you monetize your personal blog?

  • Hello,

    Your monetizing method through Project Wonderful was very unique and helpful, seems like i’m gonna try it once. Now according to me i mostly use affiliate method for my personal blog as people love to purchase thing which are personally used by the person and got success. Ex: like hosting, plugins, themes and etc


    • Using affiliate sites is a good idea. It can even be incorporated with Project Wonderful since I have Project Wonderful in the header and sidebars. A recommendation of a product will be in a blog post. I like Project Wonderful because it is a passive way to earn income. As long as my blog is getting traffic, I will earn money.

  • I have Project Wonderful, Adsense, Chitika, Adstract and Advertlets running on my blog. So far, I’ve only been paid by PW and Chitika. I mskr more money participating in giveaways!

  • Ooops, typo error! I meant to type make instead of mskr!

  • I have yet to be paid by PW probably because my traffic is atrocious and that is because my blogging lately has been haphazard. PW is only on my personal blog. With 2 kids going off to college in the fall though, it is time to buckle down!

    I have received 3 checks from adsense because of my niche blog. I am working on completing it as I can see it easily earning me $100+ of passive income.I have two other ideas for niche blogs swirling around in my brain but I need to decide on a domain names for them. With each bringing in at least $100+/month, that would be decent for passive income. If I promoted them properly, I will probably bring in thousands per month. I really need to get off my duff and get on the grind. Lol.

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