October 7th, 2011

Horns of a tagline dilemma

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I am in the horns of a tagline dilemma.

Really, I can’t think of exactly how I want my tagline to read.

Right now, I am debating between three average ones just to get the ball rolling.

Chronicles of a novice blogger.

Journey of a novice blogger,

Diary of a novice blogger.

From an Seo standpoint, chronicle got knocked out of the running because it only has 7,480,000 monthly global search while both diary and journey each come in at 16,600,000.

I’m leaning more towards Diary because that just sounds all warm and fuzzy, don’t you think?

Now, wait…I just compared novice and amateur and amateur smoked novice.

novice    1,000,000

amateur 30,400,000

even in longer tail

amateur blogger 60,500

novice blogger 73

Geesh, doing SEO on just my tagline was tons of work.

I sure hope it translates into lots and lots of readers.

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