January 11th, 2012

GiveAway LinkUps For More Followers

My previous way of doing things was to try to use traffic to get me followers.

But this year, I am trying something different.

I am using followers to get me traffic.

Backwards, I know…but stay with me.

If you visit as many blogs as I do, then you have seen all of the linkups.

But lately, something new has arisen in the bloggersphere….

Giveaway Linkups!

For a usually modest fee ($5 – $10), you can have your blog linked up in a grand prize giveaway.

Hundreds of Dollars.

An Amazon Kindle Fire.

Apple iPad.

And the wonderful thing is that you do not have to come out of pocket or go begging for the prize yourself.

Instead, the giveaway is funded by your entry fee (minus a small administration fee) and the fees of other blogs hopping on board with you.

This is quite a boon for those of us with very limited advertising budgets.

So what is the ultimate advantage of entering giveaway linkups?

Well, one obvious advantage will be the increase in your followers.

And hopefully, I will be able to convert those followers into regular readers and commentors.

The second advantage will be the freebies.

Have you ever signed up for a product review company such as

The one thing that all of them have in common is that they like stats…

RSS Subscribers

FaceBook Fans

Twitter Followers

And, coming soon I am sure, Google Plus Page Circles

To sum it up, the higher you numbers, the more freebies you qualify to review.

Good, yes? YES!

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So, how do you find these giveaway linkups?

Well, you could always google them.

However, if you are feeling lazy, I will be soon making a page dedicated to these events.

I will also be writing post marketing them so be sure to sign up with the subscribe buttons in the sidebar.

What do you think of my marketing strategy 2012?


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