July 20th, 2015

Facebook groups to gain traffic

Here is my list of Facebook groups that I use to increase the amount of traffic to my blog.

Keep in mind, none of these will result in permanent or organic traffic but they are useful if you just want to get your numbers up or expose a post or website to more eyeballs.

Rule number 1 is to be sure to follow all of the rules of the group or post. Read them before posting your link.

Rule number 2 is that it is rude to drop and run. If everyone is only interested in self-promotion and not helping out their fellow blogger, no one at all will benefit. Everyone will drop and run, not just you, and you just wasted your time posting your link that you could have spent elsewhere.

FACEBOOK GROUPS THAT GET YOU TRAFFIC and social media following

Amablogger Tribe

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Comments, Alexa, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Clickthrough, etc.

Awesome Bloggers

Daily links supporting increases in Alexa, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Promote Your Website

Website Visits, Facebook Like, Share or Comment AND Click, Google Plus +1, Share or Comment, Pinterest Like & Repin, Twitter Retweet AND Favorite, Instagram Like or Comment, Blog Comments, Google Keyword Search, and Click-through.

The Savvy Bloggers

Comments and social media engagement.

The Entrepreneur Village

Daily links for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Mommy Bloggers LIKE Swap

Comments, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc

The Pro Bloggers Tribe

Twitter, Google Plus, etc

 Brown Blog Love

Bloggers of color only. Pinterest, Twitter, Comments, etc.

Bloggers’ Community

Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Klout, etc.

Mommyhood Media Bloggers

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Up All Night Blogging

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Clickthroughs, etc.

Social Media Network Group

Alexa, Clickthrough, Comments, etc.

Twitter Marketing Group

Daily Twitter support.

Mom Blog Society Blogger Support

Comments, Alexa, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Show Your Blog Love

Twitter, Comments, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Together We {BLOG}

Blog posts list.

The Blog Love Project

Twitter, Comments, Facebook, etc.

Blogging to Success

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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