May 15th, 2016

App of the Month: Easy Click To Tweet By Cheeky Apps

App of the Month: Easy Click To Tweet by Cheeky Apps

Sometimes I write such brilliance that I just know that my readers are going to want to share it.

I like to make it as easy as possible for them to do so on their preferred social media.

App of the Month: Click To Tweet by Cheeky Apps Review

On way to make it easy is to install a Click To Tweet plugin.

A click to tweet plugin puts a simple box on your post that the reader clicks and, well, tweets.

The great thing about it is that you decide the words for maximum impact.

There are quite a few click to tweet plugins available on WordPress but, so far, my favorite is Easy Click To Tweet by Cheeky Apps.

One of the features that make this app stand out among the competition of other click to tweet apps is that you can decide the color of your tweet box.

(No need to tweet these. I just want to show you the different color schemes.)

If you are on a desktop or laptop, hover you mouse over the boxes to see how they will behave for your reader.

There are more colors available but you have to upgrade to Pro in order to have access to them.

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Another awesome feature that made me ditch my other click-to-tweet plugin is the fact that it counts the number of characters.

No more wondering if you hit that 140 character limit.

With this plugin, you’ll definitely know.

There is even a preview so you can see exactly what your tweet while look like when it goes live.

As a bonus, this plugin is also mobile responsive. Yippee!!


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