August 12th, 2015

Deleting WordPress Hello World post

When WordPress first makes your website, it automatically makes a Hello World post.

How to delete the WordPress Hello World post.

Unless you want the world to know just how much of a total newb you truly are, you probably want to delete this post immediately.

Actually, you can either delete it or change it into your very first post.

We’ll start with deleting  the Hello World post as that’s the simplest method.

On your dashboard, look Posts => All Posts

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World Post

Unless you have already written a post, the Hello World post should be the only post on your list.

Click in the empty box beside the Hello World Post and a little check mark should appear.

Click the drop down arrow beside Bulk Actions.

Select Move To Trash.

Click Apply.

Presto. Change-o.

The post is gone.

When you go to your home page, the post is no longer there.

Of course, there is always the option of just changing the post to one of your own writing.

Instead of clicking the check-box, you will hover your mouse over the words Hello World.

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World Post

The words Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View will appear.

Edit will open the post to, well, edit it.

Quick Edit will open a small menu of things that you may change from this screen.

Trash will put the post in your trash (aka delete. Forgot about this method till now.)

View will take you to the blog post (hold down your control button while clicking  if you want the page to open in a new tab)

For the purposes of editing the post, we, of course, want to click the edit button.

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(After you click Edit, a box will appear instructing you on distraction free writing. Distraction free writing will fill your whole screen with your post. That’s your choice.)

How to delete or edit the WordPress Hello World post.

The Post page is a busy little page.

In the first box that currently reads Hello World is the title of your post.

Change that to the title of your post.

If you leave it blank, it will automatically populate to match the title of the post when you click Update.

(Note: If this was a blank post that you were starting from scratch but did not type in a title for the post, WordPress will autofill it with the post number. Just be aware to edit the permalink before clicking Publish, Schedule, or Update)

Below that post is your permalink (the web address of each individual post).

By clicking the edit button on the right of the permalink, you can change it to match the title of your new post.

Below the permalink is Add Media, the button the allows you to add photos to your post.

Below Add Media are buttons that should be familiar to most users as they are the same as typing in Microsoft Word.

Bold. Italic. Strike through. UnderlineEven hyperlink to another post on your blog or another website altogether.

Too see more text toolbars (such as underline), click the last box on the row to toggle them on.

Underneath the text toolbar, is the box where you type your post.

As in, this is where I typed this entire post.

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Your Hello World post reads Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Go ahead and delete that and type whatever message your first official post will have.

To the right of the text box are your Publish buttons.

You can save the post as a draft.

Change the visibility of the post to password protective or private.

If this is a post that you want to be at the top at all times, you can put a checkbox beside Stick this post to the front page.

Clicking the Preview button will open up another tab where you can see your post in preview mode.

Usually, this is pretty close to what the post will look like when it goes live.

You can also adjust the time that the post is published.

You can set it to come out any time in the future.

You can set it as if it had come out some time in the past.

The time is set to when you first started writing the post, so if you do nothing at all, that is the time that will show when you click Publish, Schedule, or Update.

And if you think that post is the most utter rubbish that you have ever written in your life, you can click Move To Trash and its gone.

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