May 28th, 2010

COPYGATOR stops Content Theft

Your site has good information or has become so increasingly popular that you’ve noticed your content everywhere…without your consent.

How can you check who and how someone is using your stuff.


Just type in your web address and CopyGator will tell you inf your content is being used somewhere else on the web.

CopyGator monitors your RSS feed and automatically sends you notification when your content is copied to another feed. There is also an overview page to show you where your content is being duplicated, quoted, or plagiarized.

And its F.R.E.E.

There are three ways to put CopyGator to work for you.

1. Put the badge on your page.

The badge will change to red when duplicated content has been found.

2. Enter you feed address

3. Ping CopyGator whenever you post new content at

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