March 13th, 2014

Comments Evolved

Yesterday, I found this awesome plugin that I am testing on all of my blogs called Comments Evolved.

In years gone by, I have tested almost every popular commenting system that WordPress has to offer.




Finally landing on my current favorite, CommentLuv.

But I, and I am sure thousands of other bloggers, really wished that there was a plugin that allowed me to utilize all of them at the same time.

Comments Evolved has come the closest.

And, yes, it is FREE.

Now, I am still trying to figure out the kinks on how it works but Comments Evolved comes the absolute closest allowing my readers to leave comments from Google Plus, Facebook, Livefyre, Disqus, or WordPress.

Now, if only they would include CommentLuv in the list.

Once I figure out how it all works, I’ll try to remember to make a post with images and clear instructions. (Feel free to nag me if I forget.)

Meanwhile, the plugin can be found by doing a search in the plugin list or by clicking here.

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