May 19th, 2011

CMFAds Code Failure

Anyone else absolutely loathe the new ad codes of

I still love CMF.

Excellent source of traffic.

Can even earn a buck or two if I want.

However, one of the reasons that I love WordPress is that I don’t have to mess with html.

I have no clue where the “body” tag is located. Lol.

With the old CMFAds code, I simply placed it in a widget and was good to go.

The new code requires that I first put the base widget code “immediately after the opening <body> tag”.

Is there any faster way to cull out your frequent users than to make a simple system complicated.

I’m sure they will soon see the error of their ways when they see a decline in revenue.

As for me, I won’t be doing any changes or learning any code any time soon…

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