May 26th, 2011

CMFad Listens and All is Well in the Bloggerverse

Cash out 90% of your Ad Revenue

One of the hallmark of a good business is listening to both your customers and your clients.

A few of us complained about having to edit the html of our sites in order to run the new CMFads codes.

And CMFads listened and, most importantly, responded positively.

Oh, I’m sure there was a few bouts of grumbling in the back office but we never heard it.

Instead, we awoke to having the new code embedded into the ad codes and once again all we have to do is copy and paste into a widget.

I am firmly back on board with CMFads, one of my favorite ways to internet advertise.

What are you waiting for?

Your traffic is awaiting!

Time to earn more with CMF ads.

100 Clicks - $0.40

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