May 13th, 2010


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Are you looking for an easy (although not very quick!) way to earn money while you make your blog more profitable.

Or perhaps (like me) you don’t want the hassle of clients purchasing ad space on your blog.

Then CMF Ads is just your solution.

Once the approve your blog, you have access to their blog, advertising opportunities, and something they named Spikes.

Spikes is basically how you earn money (which I’m sure they are hopeful that you will then spend on advertising) and can cash out once you earn $1.


Earn money without having to click ads
Buy guaranteed visits for as little as 10 cents
Run multiple blogs on the same login ID
Cash out your funds or just buy more ads
Join our community for blogging tips and advice


Add funds via PayPal to get the ball rolling
Buy a 30 day network ad for just $10
Buy a 14 day network ad for just $5
Buy a 7 day network ad for just $2.50
Reinvest money earned from blogs, if you have them
Get fast answers to your support queries

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