October 19th, 2011

Changed Domain? Now you need to change feedburner.

Have you recently changed the domain to your website?

Now you need to update your feedburner too.

Being as I have just changed over three…yes, 3!!…blogs in the last month, this is a subject in which I have become intimately acquainted…some say too intimately! Lol.

Let me start this lecture by informing you that you will loose all of your subscribers untill and unless they re-subscribe so do this judiciously.

This is a bit of a long post but the steps are really simple, I promise.

The first step, of course, is to log into Feedburner and click on the feed that you need to change.

I am logged into Feedburner

Underneath your website title (shown here as, click edit feed details.

Google gives you this warning.

You should not change “Original Feed” unless you move your original feed to a new domain or a new location on your existing server. Also, changing “Feed Address” will require you to update your feed subscribers with your new address; the previous feed address will no longer work.

Don’t say that you were not warned in advance, ok!


Now, the next step is to change your feed title, original feed address, and feed address to reflect your new domain.

Saving the new feed details will change most of your feedburner settings to reflect your new domain.

Yep, only most…

I learned this because I subscribe to my own blogs so that I can see what you see when you look at my posts.

Unfortunately, what I saw was that the post were still coming in titled with the original domain identity, Blog With Katrina.

Clearly, I needed to change that…

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Clicking around on Feedburner, I found a few places that needed to be manually changed.

Follow me by clicking on the Publicize Tab.

Scroll down to Email Subscriptions.

Click Communications Preferences.

See the first circle? Where is says Activate your Email Subscription to: AmaBlogger.

Manually change that to your new blogs’ domain.

And don’t forget to change where the second circle is located in the Confirmation Email Body box.

Are we done yet?

Well, that depends on your settings in Email Branding.

Email Branding is right below Communication Preferences.

You may need to change the blog title in the Email Subject/Title box and the alternate title box.

Ok, now we’re done…I think! Lol.

I’ll keep you posted if I find anything else that I screwed up royally by changing my domain name.

Meanwhile ~shameless plug~ subscribe to this blog to see my feedburner in action!

Feel free to put out my flaws…but only if you are a subscriber!

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