May 22nd, 2010

Celebrate your blogoversary

Birthday Cake - Candles
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Filed under cute and frivilous is the website Blogoversary.

Blogoversary is a nifty way to celebrate the anniversary of your blog’s beginning.

With all the time and effort you place into your blog, it’s often easy to lose track of time. Don’t forget to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of your blog each year and be sure to let others know of you blogoversary when it occurs with a simple button on your blog. A blogoversary button will count down the days until your next blogoversary and help celebrate on the day of your blog’s creation.

If you leave your blog’s name and url (optional), we’ll also highlight your blog’s anniversary on the main page of this site for all to see so they can come and celebrate with you. would like to thank you for stopping by and we hope to celebrate your blog’s creation with you in the years to come.

Actually, I like it for two reasons.

First, it is always neat to revisit the past and see just how far my lil’ blogs have come.

And second, it is a simple way to garner a bit of traffic for your blog when you blogoversary is fast approaching.

After all, even I was curious enough to click on a few of the sites listed.


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