September 20th, 2011

Post Review: BareFootFoodie on how to stumble

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The BareFootFoodie has written and funny post on how to effectively get started on StumbleUpon.

Warning, though, that post is full of profanity that might offend the more sensitive.

To give you a hint on just how, er, profound her vocubulary choice is the title of her article is “The Probably Complete Guide To Not Fucking Up StumbleUpon”.

If the title does not offend, feel free to read her original article. However, I have taken the liberty to add a few things that may have been

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September 14th, 2011

VoiceBoks: The facebook of bloggers

I just recently started working VoiceBoks that way it is meant to be worked and I am already seeing some positive results.

Not just in increased traffic and sign-ups, but there are some awesome ladies providing excellent tutorials.

Currently, I am learning so much about how to effectively use StumbleUpon as well as getting tons of new followers.

I am also getting GFC followers from the GFC Follow Me! Event.

This site is neck and neck with being my favorite with MomBloggersClub.

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