September 5th, 2010

Category Specific RSS Feed

On my to do list is to have Category Specific RSS Feed.

My inquiry along this line came into my mind as I am a member of the Book Blogs forum.

The problem with this forum is that I don’t have a book review blog. But I do find myself doing book reviews on several of my blogs.

If you are all familiar with the Ning Networks, you know that they have the option of adding your RSS feed to your personal profile page.

What I want is to know how to just have the book review posts show up.

While I was searching on how to do that (do I just add the category to the end of my feed???), I found out that I can and should add category feeds to my blogs.

I found the plugin Category Specific RSS came to from Tips and Tricks HQ.

And, for those who only want to subscribe to certain categories of any given blog, I found this great article on

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